Our solution is toxic-free and lab-tested

You’ve probably heard them buzzing around, those annoying bugs that keep you awake or bite you.

This bug zapper is far from ordinary. Where conventional ones use an array of UV lights, ours is pinpointed and accurate. This means that more mosquitoes are attracted to it and are quickly taken care of.

It’s called the BuzzBgone, and it’s now available in the United States.

Meet The BuzzBgone

The BuzzBgone is the world’s first bug zapper that has been lab-tested and refined by renowned biologists. This bug zapper uses a highly accurate UV light that is very attractive to mosquitoes. It’s designed to lure them in and get rid of them quickly. This prevents you and your family from getting stung and potentially contracting a disease. And all of this at an affordable price.

Accurate UV light
Solar chargeable
Night and SOS light
High-voltage zapper

How Does It Work?

All you have to do is take it out and place it in an open area. It can be used both outside and inside. It will immediately attract mosquitoes and other biting insects with its pinpointed UV light. This lures them to the electric zapper that takes care of them in a second. In just a few minutes, your room or porch will be mosquito-free.

Instant Effect

It won’t take long before you notice that the mosquitoes have been dealt with. It keeps you and your family safe from all the diseases and parasites the bugs could have been carrying. It works right out of the box, no complicated setup, dodgy apps, or sprayable toxins. Just turn it on and watch those mosquitoes disappear.

BuzzBgone Features

BuzzBgone is the first and only brand offering this technology. Our unique and lab-tested design is here to keep everyone safe from mosquitoes.

Accurate UV light

While conventional bug zappers use a loose array of inaccurate frequencies, ours is lab-tested and highly accurate.

Solar chargeable

You can leave it outside to automatically charge itself or use the USB cable to quickly charge it up.

High-voltage zapper

BuzzBgone doesn’t let any mosquitoes escape, it instantly eliminates them.

Portable design

Easy to take with you on camping trips.

All areas

Designed for use both inside and outside.

SOS light

BuzzBgone features an extra flashlight with different settings, including SOS.

Get the BuzzBgone for $49.99 instead of $76.91

We are giving a 35% discount to the first 5,000 customers

TIP: Order 3 BuzzBgones and get a bigger discount! Take advantage of this offer now and get an extra so you can keep multiple areas mosquito-free at once.

Customer Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers are saying about BuzzBgone. Many people from all over the world are already using BuzzBgone’s precise technology and have shared their experiences with us.


I bought three of these and they are amazing. Sometimes, while I’m reading my kobo and it’s the only light in the house, those annoying bugs are all over it. If I take this light and put it on, they leave me alone, and their dead bodies are all over the bottom part of the light. Excellent! I have also used it in my camper and on our boat at night.


I bought a similar device from a sporting goods store recently and that thing didn’t work. So I was skeptical about getting this one. But let me tell you, this thing worked amazingly!!! After the first night of sleeping outdoors on top of my sleeping bag, I had zero mosquito bites with the bulb on 3 feet away from me. When I woke up and checked the bulb, the whole thing was covered in dead mosquitos. I wish I had taken a photo of it. Will never go camping without it!


We’ve been spending a lot more time out in our courtyard of late. Consequently, we’ve had more issues with bugs, especially mosquitos, than we’ve had in the past. I decided to give a bug zapper a try. I’m incredibly happy with this. I just ordered a second one, in fact.


Couldn’t take being bitten by mosquitos at my house anymore. Decided to give this a try, and I’m pleased. It’s small, easy to use, and I’ve got my first batch of mosquito victims. I never take the time to add a picture with my reviews, but this one deserved it. I recommend it.


Awesome little zapper. We have a horrible mosquito problem around our chicken coop. I put this little thing up, and the next morning, it was full of mostly mosquitoes. I’ve always been skeptical about bug zappers given their indiscriminate killing, but for whatever reason, it seems to mostly attract mosquitoes only. I bought a second one.


It’s a lifesaver that keeps mosquitoes away from my family and me. I really enjoyed the effect it had on the mosquito problem we had. It started killing bugs as soon as it was plugged in. The blue light did well at attracting almost all of the bugs on the back porch away from the back door.


My balcony faces a bunch of woods and trees, so bugs almost always get inside our house if we open the door! Used this for the first time a few days ago, and for every bug that got inside, this device took care of it! I am very satisfied with this product!


I am so glad I got these! My yard is full of mosquitoes and other little flying jerks that bother us at night. As you can see, this device is working! I really appreciate the blue glow as it also acts as a night light, so it’s like I’m getting 2 products in 1! You definitely won’t be disappointed and might want to get a couple of extra for other places.


Very good product, it’s the perfect size to place in different areas. Personally, we have it in my daughter’s room and another in the office. I compared this version with another similar product (which we have stopped using), it looks cleaner, has a stable and consistent brightness, and I like its silent and efficient way of working.