Wireless motion sensing LED lights without the high price tag.

Not every area in your house can be properly lit all the time, especially at night.

Finding light switches in the dark, getting to the bathroom at night, looking for stuff in dimly lit closets – a lot of people can relate to these common problems.

Our unique and affordable motion sensing LED night light offers the perfect solution. Its unique shape and wireless design can be placed anywhere to guide you through the dark by lighting up when detecting movement, offering you safe passage and a clear view in dark areas.

Blast Motion Light gives you the light you need, anytime, anywhere.

Meet The Blast Motion Light

Blast Motion Light is a wireless motion controlled LED night light. We integrated the latest LED technology and combined it with high-quality PIR motion sensors. It is battery powered and provides night-lighting when movement is detected.

Lighting Mode Selector
Magnetic strip with 3M adhesive
PIR Motion Sensor
USB Charging Port

How to use Blast Motion Light

Step 1

Make sure the battery is fully charged. You can charge Blast Motion Light via USB, the cable is included.

Step 2

Install without drilling holes. The package comes with a magnetic strip and a 3M adhesive to attach it to anything.

Step 3

Select the lighting mode. Choose between Motion Sensor Mode, Always On (flashlight or emergency light), and OFF.

Save on your electricity bill

When you have your Blast Motion Light installed in your bedroom, hallways, or stairs, you will never mind to turn on the main light at night, it will automatically turn on and light you the way. This way Blast Motion Light is guaranteed to save you money and makes it easy to walk around your house at night without having to find the light switch in the dark.

Blast Motion Light Features

Blast Motion Light is the first and only brand that offers a high-quality PIR motion sensor. Our unique and patented technology is designed to work in all circumstances and detects movement instantly and at all times.

Easy To Install

No need to drill holes. Blast Motion Light comes with a magnetic strip and 3M adhesive tape to attach it to almost anything.

Motion Detection Technology

Blast Motion Light works with the latest PIR technology. The sensor has a wide detecting angle of 120° for the best motion detection.

Long Battery life

On Motion Sensor Mode, Blast Motion Light can last for months on a single charge, depending on how much you use it.

3 Lighting Modes

Choose between these 3 lighting modes: Motion Sensor Mode, Always On, and OFF.

Versatile Purposes

Ideal for the bedroom, bathroom, closet, cabinet, workshop, garage, stairwell, hallway, storage room etc.

Portable Wireless Design

Blast Motion Light’s portable design lets you take it anywhere. Use it to go camping as a travel light, put it in your car as an emergency light, etc.

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Customer Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers say about Blast Motion Light. Many people from all over the world are already using Blast Motion Light and have shared their experience with us.


Great little lights! I use them at night to go to the bathroom as it gently illuminates the bedroom without waking my wife.


It has now been a month since I set two of these up in under my kitchen cabinets! They came fully charged and the batteries have still not needed another charge. I’m seriously impressed with these, they detect motion perfectly when I’m in the kitchen. It only took a couple seconds to install them. I just had to remove the sticky tape and stick them on. Recommend them to anyone!


I needed additional lighting around the bathroom mirror for a brighter look during shaving and beard trimming. This rechargeable light is perfect as it needs no wiring and I could place it anywhere I wanted. Very happy with it!


Fast delivery and super easy to install. Its not a replacement for a traditional room light but bright enough to get the job done. Overall a very convenient product.


I didn’t have any expectations for this light, but it turned out just fine! I chose the warm white color, but it’s bright enough to illuminate a large. The motion sensor works accurately and faster than expected. The adhesive and magnet strip both hold well after attaching them to various surfaces.


Love these lights! I bought these for a closet, and it has been excellent. They look very neat and stylish, and give off a decent amount of light. It only took moments to install. The battery life is extremely good! They’ve been in place a few months now and no sign yet of needing a recharge.


Great light! Used this to put in my front porch which has no power outlet. Gives a good light spread with decent brightness. More than enough to find the right key and put it in the lock. Will probably buy more of these to light the hallway as it’s ideal as a night light for the kids etc. Puts out enough light to see what you are doing without blinding you in your half asleep state at night.


Better than I thought! I have had it for about 3 weeks and it’s such a good value for the price. Provides enough light, the motion sensor works fine, and it has a long battery life. Overall a high-quality product, I recommend it.


Very impressed with the quality of this light, especially for the price. Going to order a couple more!